Professional Food Photographer Stresses The Importance Of Social Media

NANAIMO – Marketing for the increasingly important millennial marketplace means a major readjustment in thinking, according to professional photographer and marketing consultant Tim McGrath. The owner of ITS-, a company specializing in the production of food themed photography, McGrath said the efforts that appealed to earlier generations will simply not have the same impact on contemporary buyers.

For more than a decade Tim McGrath has worked as a professional food photographer and marketing consultant.

“When you go into a restaurant the clientele are typically going to be either over 50, or under 30 years of age. The 30 to 50 age range people are typically too busy in life to be spending too much time in restaurants,” he said.

“They’re going to be driving kids to hockey or soccer. They’re going here, they’re going there. They simply don’t have the time to be dragging the kids to restaurants on a regular basis.So if you want to attract under 30 consumers you’re going to have to make use of things like Social Media more effectively than ever before.”

While it’s important for any business to have an online presence, such as a website, a regularly updated and maintained Social Media presence is the key to attracting the attention of a millennial consumer. “While there are a number of different online platforms to choose from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook continue to be the most effective for marketing a business – but again only if regularly updated,” McGrath explained.

While a website with a page spelling out the daily specials being offered might attract a more senior viewer, the key to drawing a consumer on the go would be uploading a lunch time special at 11:30am, when the hungry Millennial is thinking about taking a break from work. “Social Media gives good value for the business owner as it’s essentially free, except for the effort it takes to make use of it,” he said.

McGrath states that a timely use of Social Media is an excellent way to reach the younger consumers.

“When you look at successful restaurants you find that they make the effort to do the job right, including with their marketing. It all comes down to getting the word out. You can have the best food in the world but if no one knows you’re there you’ll not succeed. To reach the younger audience, tailor your message using the right messenger and you will succeed.”

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Written by David Holmes

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