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Welcome to ITS-Food.ca Food Photography

ITS-Food.ca specializes in Food Photography consisting of fine cuisine and culinary delights to beverages and even ingredients. Great images of your culinary dishes and delights can make significant improvements to your success.  ITS-Food.ca is Vancouver Island’s premiere food photographer.

Food photography clients, especially people new to buying food photography, always have a lot of questions.  Below are just a sample of the ones that have been asked over the years. If you are here to learn more about buying food photography, you may want to see if your question has been asked and answered already.

Why Is Using a Food Photographer Important?

Food presentation is critical to success; you don’t get a second chance at a great first impression.

With the prevalence of social media, owners and chef’s have learned that ‘presentation starts long before anything hits the plate’.  Foodies are sharing, tweeting and #regram before they walk in your restaurant or up to your food truck. having amazing scrumptious imagery of your signature dishes is key to making a positive and lasting impression.

Unique photos will tempt new customers as they imagine the gourmet delights they could experience. Quality photos will remind loyal customers of the deliciousness of their last meal.