Professional Photographer Understands Importance Of Brand Evolution

NANAIMO – Professional photographer and marketing consultant Tim McGrath understands that the brand a business presents its public is more closely related to a living thing than it is a static logo. While formal marketing is used to present information to a specific audience a brand is all about the personality of the business, it is the image the business wants to convey to its current and future clients. Like a l iving thing that image can change over time, producing negative consequences if the business owner is unaware that a change has taken place.

Honing his craft for more than a decade, Tim McGrath has become a leader in this specialized field.

“The old marketing adage that you’re selling the ‘sizzle not the steak’ is still true. That’s what a brand does, it is the sizzle, it tells people all about your business, its culture, its audience and what it can offer you,” McGrath explained.

“But over time tastes change, your customers age and have new interests, new products become available, and more. All of these factors mean that what you’re providing and who you are providing it for may not be the same as it was when you first began. If you don’t recognize that change and alter your branding accordingly you could see your audience shrink and your profits slide.”

McGrath is the owner of ITS-, a photography business focusing on the specialized niche market of food photography. For more than a decade he has produced images used in everything from menus and formal advertising to cookbooks, websites and countless Social Media marketing campaigns.

“McDonalds is a good example, it is changing how it presents itself, it has updated its menu choices, and has retooled its marketing to target an older, more demanding audience,” he said.

“McDonalds noticed its market was slowly moving away and they weren’t growing up to match. It’s not about becoming more sophisticated or changing what you do dramatically, it’s about recognizing change and evolving to match the changing tastes of your audience.”

By being conscious of change, by noticing popular and emerging trends in society and then having the courage and vision to move out of their comfort zone to embrace those changes any business can remain viable and prosperous. “It doesn’t have to be a radical change, even subtle adjustments can pay big dividends,” he said.

For more information visit the firm’s website at:

Written by David Holmes

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