ITS-Food: Food Photographer Increasingly Producing Images For Trade Publications

NANAIMO – For a business to effectively market its services or products it must be willing to use all of the communication mediums available to it, with consistency and with a continuity of branding and imagery. But for many, according to professional photographer Tim McGrath, the world of Social Media may have lost some of its luster. Increasingly he has found that a return to more traditional forms of advertising – such as magazines and newspapers – is becoming increasingly effective.


“I would never dissuade any business from using Social Media. It remains a key part of my business, and has the potential to reach specific audiences with focused messages and with an immediacy that can’t be attained any other way. But branding, and carrying your branding to a more traditional type of exposure is proving to be increasingly important as well,” McGrath, the owner of explained.

Specializing in food photography, McGrath has been working for clients as diverse as restaurants, grocery stores and publishing houses for more than a decade.  His work has appeared in everything from newspaper and magazine advertisements, to cookbooks, menus, Social Media marketing campaigns and even on posters.

“Restaurants and places that sell beverages such as public houses and even craft breweries can benefit from advertising in outlets such as specialized trade publications and even newspapers. The sorts of bars I work in typically aren’t your basic beer parlor, but the more upscale public house that offers good food and craft beers. For businesses like that photography has to reflect their brand, it has to encourage the viewer to come in and share in the unique experience that can only be found there,” McGrath said.

In his experience branding is at the heart of any effective marketing campaign. Much more than a logo or a colour scheme, true branding has to effectively capture the spirit of the business, reflect its character and showcase its business philosophy. Increasingly that presentation is taking places within the pages of traditional publications.

“I’ve noticed recently that I’m doing more print based work than before, but not so much in the traditional newspapers. Increasingly I’m working in specialty magazines, those serving niche markets such as industry trade publications. Whether it’s in Beer BC or Growler Magazine or in food magazines such as Taste or Eat Magazine, the businesses are turning to these sorts of publications for at least part of their marketing,” he explained.

McGrath’s overriding message to any business interested in marketing is to use all forms available, as each offers avenues to different segments of the potential audience. “Social Media has in a way matured. That’s why many businesses are finding that what’s old is new again, and are going back, at least part of the time, to print advertising.”

To learn more visit the company’s website at:

Written by David Holmes 

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