PRODUCING FIRST IMPRESSIONS THAT DELIVER A POSITIVE IMPACT Professional Food Photographer Helping Businesses Succeed

NANAIMO – You never have a second chance to make a good first impression – is a message professional food photographer and marketing consultant Tim McGrath regularly tells his clients. For someone operating in the hospitality or food services industries that first impression might be an image on a website, in an advertisement or on a menu – if that image is appealing you’ll make the sale, if not, you may have lost a customer.

Tim McGrath has worked as a professional food photographer and marketing consultant for more than a decade.

“Great images of your culinary dishes and delights can make significant improvements to your success. The purpose of these images is to increase your business, so my job as the photographer is to make you, the client, successful! How your food is presented, in a photo or on the plate, will ultimately be critical to your success. You want that first impression to be the best that it can be.”

A professional photographer with more than a decade of experience McGrath, through his company, has worked with restaurants, stores and other hospitality industry clients on projects ranging from menus and cookbooks, to Social Media marketing campaigns as well as traditional advertising.

“Unique photos will tempt new customers as they can imagine the gourmet delights they could experience. Quality images remind loyal customers of the deliciousness of their last meal, encouraging them to come back time and again,” McGrath said.

“Producing images for any business is great fun! People stop me all the time and comment about how great it must be to be a professional food photographer, and it is, but it is also hard work. Working with restaurants, working on a cookbook, producing images for a supplier, capturing a bottle of wine, regardless of the assignment it’s all about achieving the same goal – finding the best way to make this image help the client’s business.”

Food photography can be used in any number of venues, from websites to traditional newspaper advertising.

More than a provider of professional grade images, ITS-Food. ca also regularly works with clients to develop complete branding packages – which could include everything from logos and color schemes to website design and even the management of the client’s social media presence on any platform. “We create solutions to make you successful.
We help you with branding and of course we create images for your website, your social media presence, your menus and even your traditional print needs. The bottom line is that we create advertising solutions to help you reach your customers,” he explained.

Does a prospective client really need to hire a professional food photographer to succeed? For businesses all across the west the answer to that is an absolute yes. The first impression presented to any new client should be a great one and Tim McGrath specializes in delivering first rate first impressions!

To learn more please visit the company’s website at:

Written by David Holmes

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